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Welcome to GeoBusiness

GeoBusiness means...

  • … added economic value from public geodata,
  • … standards and services for providers and users,
  • ... new business models and new jobs.

Our aim

Spatial information has become an important instrument across the economy. For example, it can be used to establish a basis for decision-making or to develop new products. The uses and benefits of geodata are as diverse as the data themselves. The market potential of public geodata is put at several billion Euros. Our work provides a stimulus for the business community to activate the geodata market in Germany, both on a sector-specific and on a cross-regional basis.

As a mediator between economy and government administration, we lend support to the stakeholders as they make the rules and regulations governing aspects like licences and data protection transparent, reasonable and uniform nationwide for public geodata.

After all, public geodata - provided simply, quickly and reliably - create viable new jobs and help to secure Germany’s economic future.

We are part of the Spatial Data Infrastructure Germany and work in all sorts of bodies and geo-networks. We aim to come up with practical solutions which meet with the approval of all the stakeholders.

At the same time, we are always looking out for fresh input, and engage in national and international networking as we work on ideas, concepts and solutions which can help to boost GeoBusiness in general.

Our services

The German GeoBusiness Commission delivers all sorts of services around GeoBusiness. You can use our online applications to search for general information on geodata, to find web services containing geodata or offer or obtain licences for geodata, and take account of data and privacy protection aspects.

  • GeoRecherche

    Search for relevant legislation and data sources for geodata in Europe
  • GeoInfoMarkt

    Find and follow webservices with geodata

  • GeoLizenz

    Licences for geodata - simple, quick and reliable
  • GeoDatenschutz

    Using public geodata in compliance with data and privacy protection rules

Please note: Our online applications are available in German. Do you have any questions about the German GeoBusiness Commission and its services? We will gladly be of assistance!

GeoLizenz explained - The Movie


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